Design with purpose

Steve Driscoll

Giving Context. We interviewed Steve’s customers and collectors, his galleries, curators and the media and learned that most of the people who buy his work have never seen it in person. His website is their first point of contact. The problem is that if you’ve never seen Steve’s paintings in person, your brain cannot comprehend the scale, materials, stories and personality that go into them.

We came up with the idea for the project Giving Context, which take the paintings out of the studio and into unusual circumstances. The contrast of these large works against land and cityscapes shows the scale and physical properties of the paintings, but also helps reveal something about Steve’s process and personality — the less tangible things that go into creating a painting.


Menu. Photos. Location. Reservations. Contact. When you’re looking for a place to eat, this is what you want, and you want it quick. We know, because we asked Terroni’s customers and combed through their analytics to make sure we helped their business by serving their customers.

Our Terroni re-design covers nine restaurants with one, CMS controlled template. It works on phones, tablets - everything. Delicious!

We worked closely with their in-house design team, Small Project Studio, to ensure we were on-brand and on-point.

The Memory Project

History & Education. An irreplaceable bilingual education resource, The Memory Project contains thousands of first hand stories from Canadian veterans. With this redesign, we made it easy to navigate the extensive archive of stories, interviews and artefacts. The content drives the experience.

Aboriginal Arts & Stories

Compete. Learn. Share. Aboriginal Arts & Stories is the largest and most recognizable creative writing and arts competition in Canada for Aboriginal youth. Our redesign gives competitors and teachers the resources they need to create and enter great stories & artwork. It also facilitates exploration and sharing of the winning work from young writers and artists for all visitors.

Bruce Power

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Interact. Inform. Improve. This iPad app was designed to educate customers about the efforts Bruce Power is doing to improve their community, environment and to deliver power reliability and affordably in Ontario. Nuclear power never looked so good!

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